• Delivering safe and innovative solutions to fulfill your vision

    From straightforward general contracting to complicated design-build and P3 projects, Covered Area brings the right solutions and the right people to make your vision a reality.

  • Integrated Project Delivery

    Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) is a method of delivering projects that reduces waste, delivers value and fully engages owners, designers and construction teams early in the project. IPD starts with a single multi-party contract, often including multiple trades in addition to the contractor and consultant group, that encourages all team members to work for the benefit of the project.

    IPD is a highly collaborative process that encourages all stakeholders to do what is right for the project, rather than what is right for them.

    Key components of IPD include:

    • Multi-party agreements that outline all parties’ duties to the project and to each other. Profits and risks are shared and there may be bonuses for achieving the owner’s objectives.
    • A leadership regime that emphasizes openness, trust, respect and collaborative decision making.
    • Access to information, usually web-based, with an emphasis on BIM to ensure all parties have the ability to provide input.
    • Processes that set measurable objectives for improvement over traditional projects. There will be multi-day, multi-company workshops that will embrace innovation and set strict goals for the project.

    With the successful completion of several IPD projects, Covered Area team has the expertise, passion and knowledge to deliver.

  • Construction Management

    Optimizing price, quality and schedule
    Construction Management is broader and more cost-effective than Bid-Build. By getting covered Area involved earlier in the project life-cycle, we can work with your design team on key decisions that improve the project. This creates opportunities to optimize the three main parameters governing any project: price, quality and schedule.

    Our long track record of Construction Management success and diversified experience allow Covered Area to provide options on every aspect of your project. You’ll see meaningful alternatives allowing you to balance cost, quality and time.

    Typically, project planning is largely complete when the construction manager gets started. But there are still crucial decisions to be made, including materials and construction methods. A Construction Management contract can save you time, reduce materials and quality risks, and cut down on costly changes during execution.

    By getting Covered Area’s construction experts involved earlier, Construction Management can lower your project’s ultimate life-cycle costs.

  • General Contracting

    Putting the most control in the client’s hands.
    General Contracting, or Bid-Build, has traditionally been the most common project delivery method. Clients self-plan and oversee design of the project, tender for construction, then select the winning bidder.

    At Graham, we do everything we can to optimize outcomes under Bid-Build General Contracting, such as providing feedback on design drawings that can help lower costs and deliver a better product.

    Graham has a long history of delivering successful General Contracting projects:

    We’re cost-effective and provide the best possible project at a competitive price.
    Our vast integrated database provides accurate pricing.
    We self-execute work due to our integrated capabilities and equipment fleet, making us more efficient.
    We have excellent relationships with subcontractors and other project partners, contributing to efficient project execution.
    We understand timelines and the interaction of schedules leading to the most efficient use of resources.
    Our people are experienced at executing projects of all sizes and types.

  • Design-Build

    You provide the vision, we do the rest.

    Design-Build provides clients and owners with powerful benefits. Because it combines several phases of the project life-cycle, this delivery method assures certainty on all three key project parameters: cost, quality and time. We assume responsibility for design and take on all pricing and timing risks.

    Covered Area brings together the two worlds of design and construction. We become the bridge linking your objectives in the key areas of cost, quality and time with the materials and processes that will best achieve your objectives.

    Covered Area has become a leader in providing Design-Build solutions by:

    Being more than a general contractor, our Design Management team works productively with designers.
    Understanding your project objectives and translating them into the right materials and construction methods.
    Having extensive experience in costs of services and materials.
    Understanding financial risks and having the financial strength to manage them.
    Seeing the entire life-cycle of a project, not just the building phase.
    Understanding the facility owner’s business objective.

  • Engineering / Procurement / Construction

    When clients with complex industrial projects want a single source for Engineering, Procurement and Construction, they select the EPC method of delivery.

    Covered Area has a strong history of delivering EPC projects to turnkey status in our Buildings and Infrastructure divisions and is now expanding this delivery method to our Industrial division.

    As the EPC contractor, Covered Area acts as a single point of contact for the project carrying out the detailed engineering design, procuring all the equipment and materials, and then constructing to deliver a functioning facility to our client.

    Covered Area currently has relationships in place to provide EPC project delivery in the Real Estate