"We are all constructed out of our self dialogue."

Sarang Sharma
Covered Area has consistently delivered results over and beyond what they committed to during the negotiation phase.Their ability to exceed expectations is remarkable and their level of professionalism impressive.After a long and detailed selection process, it’s clear that Shanti Group partnered with the right company for our project.

"Create with the heart; build with the mind."

Preeti Verma

In our due diligence of architects at the outset, we found that covered area are not cheap. However, they came well recommended and the service from the entire team is first class; there is a genuine appreciation of the fee investment we have made in the firm - it therefore feels like a real partnership..

“Any fool can write a book and most of them are doing it; but it takes brains to build a house.”

Vishal Saraswat, Head Projects, Godrej Properties Limited
Over the last five years we have engaged Covered Area to help build and supplement key project leadership positions in our PMO Team. The Covered Area team understand my needs quickly, provide good insights and deliver high caliber consultants based on their expertise and respected position in their industry. I am very happy with the partnership we have developed with Covered Area consulting and recommend them highly to my peers.

“Knowledge is knowledge whether it teaches you construction or destruction.”


Thank you so much for your visit last week and for your honest, clear and professional advice. We were very impressed with how down-to-earth and straightforward you were in sharing your knowledge of planning etc with us. Having visited a previous client of Offset today, speaking with her and seeing the work done, we are now even more impressed and would like to use COVERED AREA for our plans.