Covered Area’s technical due diligence capabilities are wide ranging and comprehensive, supporting some of the most technically complex and challenging deals.
Our teams are able to provide a unique mix of expertise on all relevant project risk and performance aspects, drawing upon first hand practical experience of project delivery, as well as a successful reputation for providing clear, responsive and reliable technical advice.
Covered Area has completed Technical Due Diligence for more than 45 projects with project size of more than 10 Million Sq. Ft. These projects are spread across geography within India with major presence in NCR and Uttar Pardesh region. The project list under this category is Exhaustive. Due to Confidentiality requirements, we are unable to share each project name.

Our technical due diligence services include:

-Assess physical and technical feasibility of a project
-Review permits and licenses to optimize schedules
-Reduce uncertainty about a project’s planned timeline
-Review selection of suppliers, technical selection of contractors and sourcing of materials
-Evaluate development and installation costs, operations planning and subsequent scheduling

Our Structural / Facilities Engineering Analysis includes;
Technical Due Diligence (Tech DD) is the structural and facilities engineering analysis of rental properties and property developments, and comprises:

1. Basic data and documents

  • Matching with information provided by the vendor / also checking for correctness and completeness
  • Gross floor area
  • Letting space Available
  • Room depths and heights
  • Structural calculations
  • Extension
  • Layout of the building and its grounds
  • Planning permission
  • As-built drawings
  • Official approvals
  • Protection of historic buildings and monuments
  • Fire prevention and safety regulations

2. Structural Quality of the Property

  • Stability and resistance of materials (building quality in the narrow sense)
  • Maintenance backlog?
  • In need of modernisation?
  • Improvements
  • Items
  • Extent of planning and costs
  • Building costs
  • Investment period

3. Space Requirements of Users

  • Versatility
  • Adaptability
  • Flexibility
  • Deviation from customary market design standards?

4. Analysis of Rate of Return Based on Building Costs

  • Static calculation of overall return
  • Discounted cash flow method

Final Report

The Technical Due Diligence Report (Tech DDR) contains the following outline:

  • Feasibility report
  • Summary of the results
  • Conclusion, including costs
  • Opportunities / threats
  • Essential measures
  • Project data
  • Structural assessment
  • Floor areas
  • Costs