Bed is an important investment, especially when you spend around one third of your life on it.If you have experienced lack of quality sleep on your own bed or loved sleeping on a bed other than your own, then it is high time to consider buying a replacement.
We insist on replacing your bed every 7-10 years as they start deteriorating after years of use. You may find a variety of beds today including divan bed, bunk, loft or platform, but you need to choose the one that is right for your lifestyle.

Choose Your Bedroom Size – Start Designing

  • Primary question


    The requirements vary if you are making the purchase for yourself, your kids, elderly parents or guests.


    You may not like to spend a lot if buying a bed for your guests, but it is advisable to make investment on the bed you will use regularly.

    3. Sharing or not

    It is important to ensure that the bed you buy is comfortable if it is shared between people.

    4. Storage

    If space is your concern then going for storage bed or one with under-bed drawers is a great option. You can find all of them on our platform while designing your bedroom.


    Before checking out the range of available bed styles, it is good to have the knowledge of the space you have at hand and accordingly choose the one. Tip – You can either measure the available space by using an inch tape and then compare it with the dimensions of the bed or can visualize it on our platform, keeping the room size similar to what you have at home.


    At most homes, the entry to the bedroom is only through a single doorway. In such cases, you need beds that come in parts and can be assembled on site.

  • Measurements……..

    In India, we follow the UK standard for the bed sizes and it is a good idea if you clear about the dimensions before buying.


    – 75 cm x 190 cm (2′ 6″ x 6′ 3″)

    – 90 cm x 190 cm (3′ 0″ x 6′ 3″)

    – 120 cm x 190 cm (4′ 0″ x 6′ 3″)

    – 135 cm x 190 cm (4′ 6″ x 6′ 3″)
    Queen size

    – 150 cm x 200 cm (5′ 0″ x 6′ 6″)
    King size

    – 180 cm x 200 cm (6′ 0″ x 6′ 6″)

  • Types………..

    Divan Bed –

    Divan beds come with two lifting wooden covers connected with brackets at the center. The inner space is used to store items.

    Bunk Bed –

    Bunk bed accommodates more than one person and it comes with two layers of bed, one upon another. It comes in variety of designs and mostly used for kids.

    Loft Bed –

    Installed partially near the ceiling and supported by wooden or iron rods from the floor, Loft bed is an option for small bedrooms as it takes less space.

    Air/Inflatable Bed –

    As the name suggests, this type of bed utilize inflated air. These are usually suited for people suffering from body aches.

    Water Bed –

    Water beds comes with floatation water pads and recommended for people suffering from body aches.

    Baby Cot Bed –

    These are especially designed for babies and come with a protective boundary of wooden rods/fences, thus allowing the child to play or sleep safely.

    Murphy Bed –

    This is a fold down or a pull down bed designed for rooms that have scarcity of space. It can be fitted on the wall cabinet when not in use.

    Sleigh bed –

    Sleigh bed is popular for its curvaceous contemporary. It is available in wood, metal and leather.

    Sofa-Cum-Bed –

    Multifunctional furniture can be used as a bed or a sofa alternatively.
    Cabin Beds –

    These are single occupancy bunk beds.

    Trundle bed –

    It is like a bed inside a bed. It comes as a twin bed package where one is smaller to the other.

    Four-Poster Bed –

    It is an antique style, generally created using high quality wood. It comes with four beautifully designed pillars and hence named four poster bed.

    Rattan Bed –

    Rattan bed is made up of the rattan/wicker material (plant stalks, branches, plastic, etc) woven to create a firm sleeping space.

    Bedsteads –

    Bedsteads are made using slatted frames of metal or wood. The whole frame includes a base, legs and a headboard.

    Platform Bed –

    Platform is a low height bed with a wooden slat to support the mattress firmly. These are famous for its simplicity and convenience.

    Storage Bed –

    As the name suggests, this bed include storage options where you can put your bedroom items neatly.

    Canopy Bed –

    Canopy is luxuriously carved furniture and belongs to the family of four poster beds but covered with light curtains.

  • Complete Bed……..


    If you’re buying a new bed, it’s a good idea to replace your mattress at the same time, while ensuring that they will fit your bed well. Nowadays, you can find a variety of mattresses including open coil, pocket spring and memory foam to offer you a sumptuous sleep.


    Remember to check your bed and mattress dimensions before selecting the linens as these will affect the size you will need.


    A headboard is a great way of adding an extra element of style and/or comfort to your bedroom space. These can be made from a solid material such as wood or metal, or upholstered in a luxurious fabric, thus offering a softer feel.