There is so much more to a sofa than its color and how much comfort it is. Here is a guide to help you with your new sofa purchase.

Choose Your Living Room Size – Start Designing

  • Initial Questions…….


    One of the biggest mistakes that most people make while choosing a sofa, is its size. From a huge sofa crammed into a small living room to a small one creating a distant appeal to your guests; both are not good choices. Make sure that you have measured the dimensions of the sofa so that it fits your space while leaving enough room to walk. Take care of the window height.


    That white sofa may look wonderful, but how will it look after your pet jumps all over it? Leather can be easier to clean and a good choice if you want a light colored piece. Important things to think about are whether sofa has removable covers that could be washed or whether the legs could sustain the stress. It is worth taking some time to think what suits your requirements before ending up with a wrong piece.

    3. Design

    Does your room have a modern look or is it more traditional? The design you choose for your sofa set can make our break the theme of the space, so consider the style wisely. Your sofa should not only fit in the room but fit with the room as well.

    4. Budget

    The quality of material used and style implemented in making the sofa influence its price. For instance, sofa made from teak or mahogany is expensive when compared to plastic, wrought iron and cane.

  • Measurements………

    Sofas vary in size from being 6 to 8 feet long and 32 to 40 inches deep for a standard one to 4 to 6 feet long and 28 to 30 inches deep for a love seat. Please note that the actual depth of the seating area gets reduced by the depth of the arms and back of the sofa.

    A large room with a standard 8 foot ceiling may need a long and wide sectional sofa, while a small room with a 10 to 12 foot ceiling can have a small loveseat.

    Arrange your existing furniture first and then measure the space available for the sofa. Measure the length and width of the sofa and keep a minimum of 30 inches in front for a comfortable walking around the room. If you are using a centre table, keep an additional 12 to 18 inches between the center table and the sofa, taking care of the width of the center table.

    Pro Tip – You can find a fitting sofa for your living room easily by visualizing it on our tool.

  • Types……

    Sofa could be classified under the following categories.

    1. Wooden Sofa Sets –

      Giving a formal look to the room, wooden sofa sets are a popular choice in Indian homes. Here the seats are detachable and hence is easy to take care and clean.

    2. Sofa-cum-bed –

      As the name suggests, these can be used as both a sofa and a bed. Good option for small spaces.

    3. Settee –

      Settee, as a rule looks more like a chair than a sofa. It is generally two-seater made from wooden frame with an upholstered seat.

    4. Sectional –

      A sectional sofa is made up of multiple pieces and can be arranged in numerous ways. 2 and 5 seater ones are more popular and usually arranged in the form of an L or U.

    5. Cane Sofa –

      Made from cane material, these sofas can handle extreme traffic and thus more suitable for outdoors.

    6. Lawson –

      Designed for comfort; these sofas come with a boxy cushioned look with detachable back cushions. Ideal for spacious living rooms.

    7. Chesterfield –

      Popular for the tufted look, these sofas have the ability to give a luxurious appeal to the space. The arm and the back portion are of the same height.

    8. Camel Back –

      Designed in a curvilinear shape with the back higher in the centre and slowly descending towards the arms, camel back sofas are an apt choice for a traditional setting. It provides a firm back and shallow seating.

    9. Cabriole –

      Known for their rounded look and exposed wood frame, these look good in spacious rooms with traditional themes. Here the back and the arms are of the same height with curved legs.

    10. Love Seat –

      Any sofa that has seating for two people is a loveseat.

    11. Tuxedo –

      Apt for modern living rooms, these sofas have fine lines with the back and arms of the same length.

    12. Bridgewater –

      These sofas have low set back arms with a higher back and loose cushioned arms. These are usually skirted around the boundaries of the room and give a relaxed look to the space.

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